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Thread: "System File Error" when installing 4.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by rTn
    because i need to mount an image and it only works with 4.00

    so that's why i need to downgrade


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    Default SPTD 1.9 on a new Core 2 duo xtreme 2 GB ddr2 memory

    Alrighty now I know who is the culprit behind me beating the heck out of my computer. My old computer an athlon xp 2400 kept running better than this one. I kept reinstalling windows, looking up error codes for event viewer, and over time everything on my hard drive got corrupted (ALOT of orphaned files). I have reformatted 3 x in the last month - no big deal everything important is stored externally. My Via motherboard was acting crazy....if my via sata controller was enabled and I installed the fake sata controller sptd 1.9, my hardware Interrupts would stay at 50% in process explorer all the time. I had to disable my SATA controller in order to use my whole processor - no big deal i use firewire and IDE. I couldn't boot into safe mode with or without cancelling the loading of sptd when prompted but ONLY in safe mode with networking WITH sptd.

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    Lächeln ProcessExplorer can help you!


    I got similar issue: "System File error..." upon STPD installation, and unable to delete corresponding registry keys.

    I then simply use the ProcessExplorer tool from SysInternals (now own by Microsoft).

    In the "Find -> Find Hanle or DLL..." dialog, I simply typed 'STPD'.
    Each result was pointing me to the corresponding handle for the 'System' process, that I closed through the Close Handle contextual command.

    Once all handle pointing to 'STPD' was closed, I launched the STPD install, which went fine until the end and after reboot, looks it works!


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