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Thread: Disappointment

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    The form says 3.47 and you'll get all future versions free.

    Thanks for Registering!!
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    Well I sure won't register it to date no real support at all for D4 as you can tell not a SINGLE mount tool has been updated.. as for running it in systray don't even SUGGEST such a stupid comment! Who wants another app always runnin in systray as well as having to manually browse through folders to load the image.. D4 is crap without any type of mount tools.

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    Molitar, you should read more through the forum

    locutus stated there that they plan to release a DT4-compatible version of Deamon-Script by the end of this week... Maybe this helps you.

    And I can't really follow you, when you are stating that DT4 is crop wihtout any type of mount tools. Also there are some batch-files provided by some forum members which are easily to adapt form your side.

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