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Thread: Disappointment

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    I was looking forward to the release of Daemon Tools v4.0 so that I can finally install Windows XP 64bit for usage with my 64bit processor. Without Daemon Tools, I have no working image software for 64bit Windows. And now that 4.0 was released, it says NO SUPPORT FOR 64bit... YET.

    How much longer, and will it be a feature only for the people who buy the software?

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    DTv4 is still being tested and will be released when it's done. We hope to have it released however by the end of the week.
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    Hmm... well, DTv4 is already out? :P Still disappointed that it didnt contain anything new from 3.47.

    Will Pro be out soon, and if so what will the cost be and what will it contain?

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    Daumen hoch

    Quote Originally Posted by darkthunder
    Hmm... well, DTv4 is already out? :P Still disappointed that it didnt contain anything new from 3.47.
    Yep nothing new, but.. it's really nice to have an *hope* for a x64 virtualdrive/emulation software, so.. all DT4 version are welcome! I thought DT4 was of only one version compatible with 32bit and 64bit, I thought wrong.. the did a good work with the 32bit anyway...

    ... i'm a 64bit user
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    I hope it gets fixed up quick.

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    I rally hope it's gonna happen this month.

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    Let's be realistic and hope for a release sometime this year :-)

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    The funny thing is thats true.

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    Default hm...

    really funny... :/

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    how come they took so long to create a program wich is just a copy of something they ALREADY HAVE! still... I hope they will improve it soon!
    but deamon tools is stil my favorite disc-emulator!:wink:
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