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    Ok, so I used daemon tools to mount an iso file. Never had any problems before. However, during the subsequent installation my computer froze and I had to restart it. So what I am guessing happened is some of it got installed but not all. I've tried removing all of the files (it won't let me actually uninstall so I have to do i manually) unmounting, and then mounting the image again in an attempt to get a full installation but every single time I try it simply loads up the program but I can't do anything with it because no matter what I click it says it has been improperly installed and should be uninstalled except I can't uninstall and I'm getting very frustrated.

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    Sounds like something you need to contact the game publisher/developer about. It's not related to Daemon Tools, except that you happened to be using the virtual drive to install. If the same thing had happened while using the original disk, you'd still be in the same position.


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