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Thread: Unable to add adapter. Device problem 12.

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    Default I'm not sure if this will help

    I too, had the "Unable to add Adapt..." crap. I tried each of the solutions given here to no avail. Then, just on a whim, I went and looked at my services, specifically, the services I had disabled in my efforts to streamline my OS. I had disabled the "Intel Matrix Storage Driver" service since I was not setting up a SATA RAID in my machine. Maybe it's just a fluke or something, but I turned it back on, and DT started up without a hitch.

    Just thought I'd add another possible solution. Hope it helps someone.

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    Default just got the solution

    guys just try to uninstall the sptd version 1.70 that you got from daemon tools installation prompt. and after rebooting, daemon tools will create a new driver, and that's it. I just hope that it will work for other o.s. am using windows xp sp 3.

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