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Thread: cd audio problem...

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    Default cd audio problem...

    I have some games that i am almost sure they have cd audio. but no music is playing. when i switch to digital audio i get a message that the drive(daemon-tools) respond incorect.

    I have a realy ancient audio card sb32awe(an isa card).
    My os is w2k sp2.

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    I had a problem like this with age of empires 2. The audio played on the original disc, but not on the virtual drive. It seems that the game checks the first cd drive and plays from there. Perhaps this is your problem.

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    Andareed, you are right.
    the same behaviour in Tomb Raider II.

    If Virtual CD first CD-drive, then i hear audio,
    if virtual CD second, third etc. CD-drive - no audio


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