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I had the "no driveletter - can't change drive letter" issue.

However my cd/dvd-player was visible in Device Manager but they had a yellow "!". The Device driver could not be loaded.

I used this guide -> PC Hell: How to Fix Error Code 39 with DVD or CD-ROM drive in Windows XP/Vista

Very easy and after the reboot, I had access to change the drive letters and everything is working again!

Great Sticky this one!

After trying for at least one month, I am about to take a decision to give my laptop for HP service to replace my burner.
But meanwhile, when I want to read an ISO file, this daemon tool problem - 'unable to set drive letter' started pestering me. So I tried all the previous solutions given above, but in vain. Finally yours did the magic not only with 'Daemon Tools', but also with my burner.

Million thanks to you!