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Thread: Daemon Tools 4.0 and awxDTools

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    wouah ! thanx you very much for this tip. It really works...
    1)Click Start then Execute or simply [WIN]+R
    2)type the 3 letters cmd (=command) and press ENTER
    3)just follow the mount procedure given by al1uk
    DT 4.08 HE x86 - XP PRO SP2 - P4 3.2GHz - 1Go RAM - geforce 6600 latest drivers - Rock'n'Roll !

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    You could have a look at this, too.

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    I use a batch file like this :
    @echo off
    start /wait /D"C:\Applications\DAEMON Tools\" daemon.exe -mount 1,"C:\somegameiso"
    start /wait /D"C:\somegamefolder" somegame.exe
    start /wait /D"C:\Applications\DAEMON Tools\" daemon.exe -unmount 1

    This will mount your game, wait while it runs, then unmount the image again. It will do it on your second virtual drive. To use the first change the 1s to 0s.

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    Something thats worked for me is to set up an association between DT and the .mds file type (can set one up for other file types also).

    1) To do this follow these steps:
    under windows explorer go to Tools->Folder Options.

    2) File types tab.

    3) If you don't have an mds type there already, click on the 'new' button and put in mds (or other filetype) into the "File Extension:" box, then

    4) Now select the MDS Extension in the list, and click on "advanced".

    5) Set an Icon if you wish to.

    6) Press "New...". In the "Action" box give it some name, I called it mount. In the "Application used to perform action: box, browse to daemon.exe, then after it (outside of the quotes) add -mount,"%1". Then hit OK.

    You have now associated MDS files to mount on DT device0. When you right-click an MDS file you'll have the "mount' option (or whatever you called the action on the menu.

    If you have multiple devices, you can add new actions under advanced, call them for example mount1, mount2, mount3 and use the same application line as above, but changing -mount 0 to 1, 2, 3 for the appropriate device.

    Hope this helps.

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    Fastmount works just great for me.

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    @rip_pit: you don't have to manually type the command in dos everytime, just make a .bat file a write the text there.

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    Some very useful tips here, thanks!

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    eldakka I cannot get your method to do this with daemon tools 4 right? I get an unknown command line switch error when I try this with cue files. Also I have no association for mds files so I created a new one like you said but when I am done and finally click okay the option for mount does not appear for the mds file and also it disappear from my associations list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoelEllison
    try -mount 0 or -mount 1 or -mount 2
    -mount 0 is for device 0 of DT
    -mount 1 is for device 1 of DT

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    I finally got it to work by checking "confirm open after download" and "always show extension" and then making this action:

    "C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,"%1"

    With DDE checked and these settings:

    Application: DaemonTools
    Topic: System

    For some reason only I added this DDE stuff did my association finally work....I figured that part out by looking at my CUE file associations

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