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Thread: Error with daemon tools v4.00

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    Default Error with daemon tools v4.00

    I installed DEAMON TOOLS v4.00 when it was installed, went the screen blue and there was white text and computer did a restart. When i try to run DEAMON Tools v4.00, comes an error
    "Initialization error. This program reguires at least Windows 200 with SPTD 1.21 or higher. Kernel debugger must be deactivated"

    I have WinXp and servis pack 2.

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    Do you have any Starforce protected game installed? If so check thread about BSOD in SCSIPORT.SYS in common problems and solutions forum.
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    Default strange...

    With the new DT4, I have got a strange problem, and I don't understand, what it means:

    First, DT works perfectly, but now, I've got the following error message more and more often:

    (The buttons in English: Shut down , Retry and Skip)

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    Let me guess, you get this message when you are mounting another image when you are installing a game or something?
    And it's not an error message.

    Read this thread:

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    Sorry, but I believe there is something wrong with my DT.

    Anyway yes, I usually get this message when I istalling a game.

    Thank you for your help

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    Methadon: As i've read the post from the link you have it here,it says that its a reminder.A reminder that you are unmounting an image that is in use... What practical purpose does that? (just want an opinion)

    Ahh well... i also thought it was something wrong Still,i think the devs didnt mean anything wrong by doin this (no,im not writing this so that the devs wont delete my post)

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    Hello everybody!

    I have the same problem as saar20 up here in this thread.

    But I have no Games intalled with Starforce.

    Can anybody help?


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    Default Re: InUse check

    Hello meersausch, please read the discussion above. Methadon describes the behavior of DAEMON Tools very nicely.

    But here's a summary: this message was added to DAEMON Tools because of user requests and is simply a warning message. It is innocent and doesn't mean anything is broken. Additionally, you will be able to disable this informational message via the InUse check checkbox with the next release of DAEMON Tools.
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    Default uh yeah

    i have the same problem as saar20 and meersmauch and i also have no starforce games and the bsod solution doesn't work, and also when i click on the desktop icon it cliams it has no language support

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    Hello there guys!
    Sorry for asking the same question as everyone else. I have really tried to fix it with the help you have given to the other guys, but I havn't sucseeded so...Im trying this now=)

    I'm having the same problem as the guys above!
    When I try to start Daemon-tools v4 I get an error message that says:
    "Initialization error.
    This program requires at least Windows 2000 with SPTD 1.21 or higher.
    Kernel debugger must be deactivated. "

    What is Kernel? And how do I deactivate it?

    Underheaven said it was innocent...I don't agree with you, sorry=)
    This message is far from innocent! I can't even start my daemon-tools and it's very irritating!

    Is there anyway you guys can help me to fix it? Or are you gonna relese a new version with that fixed?

    Thank you for taking the time reading this!
    And please help me=)

    //Samuel - Uppsala, Sweden!

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