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Thread: Shell integration

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    Default Shell integration

    The only thing that I have to suggest it to add support for right clicking a file (iso ccd cue bin, etc) and being able to have a context menu that says
    "Mount image to drive X". That is the one thing that I have been waiting for since the AWXD tools were released. Just a thought

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    Daemonui or daemount add this functionality i think. Check here: for more info.

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    Metshrine you might want to take a look at the information posted in this forum under the topic of: "Association and a recent files database type thing". I just posted a message there telling people how they could get this functionality with just some registry entries. The information I suggested builds upon the suggestions made by Andareed about how to map all your image files to a single file type in the registry and then how to add double click automount support for those file types.

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    take a look at for a new version of awxDTools.


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