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Thread: Burn Civ4 with Alcohol 120%

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    Ok, I tried to make a backup copy of Civ4 but I got a "write error" at 0.0%. So incase it was due to a bug, I made an .mds image of it and tested to burn it but still it says "write error". Has this to do with that Civ4 is protected by Safedisc 4? Has anyone managed to burn Civ4?

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    Default If you didn't use .MDS/.MDF

    If you didn't use .MDS/.MDF files for the first burn then what did you use? Did you use the latest version of Alcohol for all attempts?
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    Is this CD or DVD? If DVD, you cannot burn it. If CD, only a few CD-burner can burn it. Anyway, it shouldn't abort with write error in case of DVD. I just posted this so you know that backups of Safedisc 4 DVDs aren't possible at all, no matter what program is used to read/burn.
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    Hmmm... regarding the answers to my topic about CD images on a DVD, it doesn't really matter if you're able to burn an actual image, you can just burn the image as data and then play it by mounting it to a virtual drive. Or did I get something wrong?

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    That's right, but you may run into problems if you're trying to play games with the latest copy protections because those protections include SCSI blacklists forcing you to hide your optical IDE drives. And you cannot mount an image that's on a hidden drive...
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