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Thread: D-Tools 4.0 & BTEWin - doesn't work

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    After installing of new version of Daemon Tools (v.4.0) scripts (runing by BTEWin v.3.05) have cause to work.
    Scripts began to give errors: "Daemon Tools control library could not be loaded"

    It's appears before too (whith using older version of D-Tools) when was checked menuitem "Lock Dll's". Otherwise all was working properly.

    P.S. BTEWin is very usefull..... so.....

    Thnx. Mike K.

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    Default 3rd Party Addons

    No 3rd Party Addons author has release an update that's compatible with DAEMON Tools 4. We have to wait until an updated version is released.
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    I've uploaded a new version that supports Daemon Tools 4. This version also incorporates a full featured shell extension that supports mounting and unmounting from the context menu of files and drives. 32 and 64 bit versions of the shell extension are supplied, but the 64 bit version hasn't been tested with Daemon Tools, so if someone tests it with a true 64 bit process (not things like Total Commander, or 32 bit explorer), please post your results here.

    The version can be downloaded from my homepage; please read the notes contained in the file Changelog.htm, and also note that 'Secure mode' must be disabled.

    The site has limited bandwith, so if you can't get the file try again later.


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