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Thread: X64 Status?

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    I cannot wait for this, months of anguish about to go away!
    Amazing what so called "small" utilities people take for granted until they are no longer there.

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    and DT X64 release!!!!!

    downloading and trying...

    thank all DT team

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    Woot, x64 installed and functioning for at least 2 of my games so far, omg thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dng
    there is a difference between free and registered my friend. for those of us who registered and donated money, we feel a bit cheated by these delays. if i'm going to use dt4 64bit for free, i could careless when it will be out. your tone would be different too if you pay the dt team. thanks.
    Maybe you felt cheated, but I didn't. I registered before even using DT (I primarily use Alcohol, but will need to use DT until x64 Alcohol is out). But still, I didn't feel cheated, and I've been waiting a full year for a decent virtual drive software (I switched to using x64 full-time since RC2 came out). But it's here now, so you have nothing more to complain about.

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    it works great for all the games i have.. amazing you have no idea how much i apreciate this. thanks for the ppl who made such a wonderfull program.

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    And many companies don't even think of providing Windows XP x64 support (mainly hardware device manufacturers... and is really disappointing... you buy a new hardware... and can't use it...)...

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