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Thread: Has DT v4.00HE Commercial version??

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    I love DT4 & it is much better (also with the Bugs I like this)
    like the old versions. I will buy the Pro v1.0 sure if the good
    IDE-Jammer was works.. But...
    I heard and read on some software news (not on this Site)
    that DT 4.00HE was Commercial version with some Bugfixes.
    Before Pro v1.0 and AFTER the Adware Version. This is true
    or NOT? Also some news has the 4.00HE Commercial version
    is Adware Free (is logical i guess). Can I get an answer for...

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    4.00HE was released the same day as 4.00, it is the adware free customer version of Daemon tools. It is the exact same program, all that is different is the adware/lack of it.

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    There are going to be a special customer version with the vIDE technology implemented.

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    Thank you for the fast information(s), guys!!!
    DT Rule$..


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