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Thread: Daemon-Tools doesn't load in rare cases

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    Default Daemon-Tools doesn't load in rare cases

    Just want to tell you that daemon-tools isn't loadet on my system in rare cases (approx. 2 times from 100). It doesn't even work if I want to start it manually and have to reboot if I need it.

    The post is just for information, no complain of anything.

    My system specs:
    P 4 1,8 Ghz
    G-Force 2 MX 220
    256 MB SD-Ram


    Windows XP SP1 with nearly all updates

    If you think you know the reason or nead more information just post here and I will help.

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    What errors do you receive? How doesn't it work? Do you mean it doesn't mount images properly or tray icon doesn't work?

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    No, there is no error, there is simply no icon and you can't start it by clicking on the daemon.exe.

    Strange, isn't it?

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    I recall something like this a long time ago...

    When it doesn't load, verify this by checking in task manager (ctrl+alt+del). You are looking for daemon.exe. Also, try running a 3rd party addon (daemount, daemonui, etc...) when this happens, and see if the addon works.

    Finally, try running C:\program files\d-tools\daemon.exe (if you look in the registry, -1033 is added for language settings) when you can't launch daemon tools.

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    Its not worth the work, it happens very rarely and I just need to reboot my PC to work again. I just wantet to mention it that it could be fixed in future versions.

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    Default Demon Tools will not execute

    I have this exact problem right now. When I click on the Daemon Tools ICON, nothing happens. Also I can't even find the .exe file. I would appreciate any help I can get.

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    First, please post your os version, any burning software installed, and any other info that might help.

    You say you have the exact same problem? From what you say about not finding the .exe (it should be in C:\program files\d-tools) it seems as if your problem happens always, not rarely. Please confirm or deny this.

    Have you tried reinstalling? Do you get any error messages?

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    If it helps I have windows XP with all updates installed and following burning software (all latest version):

    Clone CD

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    @player1: I was refering to Allen Dawkins

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    I know, but If you compare my settings and his maybe you can see which program affects this problem

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