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Thread: Choosing the virtual drives

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    I want to ask,why everytime after I update my D-Tools or uninstall it,and install another,the manager is assigning a new virtual drive,and respectively a new letter,for the mounted image?
    Now I have "E","F" and "G" as virtual drives but I'm using only one of them at a time.Can I disable "F" and "G" and leave only "E" as a virtual drive,because I hate to watch them everytime when I click My Computer?
    I can't "delete" them from the option device properties 'cause all I can do is assign a new letter and I want to do the opposite.
    I'll appreciate every answer.Bye...

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    Right click => Virtual CD/DVD-ROM => Set Number of Devices => 1
    You can change the drive letter of the remaining virtual drive as you wish.


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