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Thread: Starforce Nightmare problem

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    Hello all, I have a problem with starforce nightmare.

    I used it like half a year ago, to disable my disk drives. However I could not re-enable them back permantly. Even if I press the enable buttons again, my drives will come back up, but my dvd drive would experience a really slow read speed. Furthurmore, the drives would become disabled again if I restarted the computer. I would've used the system restore thing but I never had that enabled for XP.

    So after a while I've decided to just format my computer, but another problem arises. I am worried that if I just format my computer, the drives would still be disable. That would be a problem since then I would not be able to install XP from my cd.

    So if anyone have any solutions/suggestions to my problem, please tell me.
    Thanks in advance

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    try this medthod, it may or may not work:

    go to device manager,
    scroll to your drives,
    uninstall the ide drives and then reboot,
    after reboot, drives should reinstall, and hopefully, problem fixed.

    this method has fixed a few probs for me, so good luck.


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