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    okay, i want to stop people from deleting my game images on my pc, but still be able to use them. i tried using file persmissions, but since there is only one user on the pc (administrator), i can't deny the administrator the right to delete files.

    The reason for this is that my niece nearly deleted an entire folder full of my game images, but luckily i was able to get it back. i had a copy on my second hd *phew*
    i tried the net, but i cant find any software that protects files, only ones that permanantly deletes them!!

    can anybody recommend a few tricks or any software that allows you to use the file, but not delete them?

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    Well I suppose other than creating a new account under Windows, making sure the files you want protected are "owned" by the Administrator and denies delete permission to other users, you could either use another machine and store the images there (using correct permissions), or write a small hacky program which opens the files with a write-lock then loops and stays open so that other software can't write to, or delete the files (Windows would instead pop up an error saying the file is in use if someone tried to delete them).

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    This is really easy.

    Just allow traverse/execute,list folder/read data,read attributes,read extended attributes and put checkmarks on DENY for everything else. This will work for the Administrator username or you can apply this permission to 'Users' or 'Everyone' etc
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