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Thread: Plug in my USBs, but they dont appear!

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    Hey there,

    Anyone having trouble with their USBs?

    I had been patiently awaiting DT v4.00, and it finally arived, and tried to install it several different times, several different ways, with no success.

    Since I NEVER had a problem with DT 3.47, I read through some of the forums, found out how to properly un-install
    DT v4.00, and get 3.47 re-installed, only to find that now, when I plug in my USB pen drives (any of them), I hear the sound that tells me 'USB plugged in', I can see the drive in disk management, but even though I assign it a letter manually, it still does not appear in explorer.

    Any advice would be helpful.

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    I dont know if this is going to be of any help to you....but sometimes if the power supply is slightly insufficient for instance lots of devices plugged into the usb ports at the same time...try a different usb port and or unplug any other usb devices and see if the same problem exists if it does can you post your machine spec? its hard to assist without it

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    There is a known issue with memory card readers in 3.47 -- I'm not sure about usb drives.
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    For those in the know, here are some of my system specs:

    Monitor NEC Multisync 1250 22", Daytek 17"
    OS XP SP2
    power 350W PSU
    sound SB Audigy 2
    video ATI All in wonder 9600
    MB ASUS P4P800 SE (8*USB 2.0, SATA support, Marvell Yukon LAN, SoundMax, more)
    Intel 2.8GHz HT prescott 478 1M cache
    RAM 4*512MB pc 3200 400mhz (running @ 320mhz, different clocks)
    200G Maxtor SATA
    200G Western Digital
    DVD Lite-On 8,4,12+-DVDRW
    Modem Motorola Surfboard 5100 + CAT6
    Mouse Logitech MX500 optical (USB)

    Update: Its more than just my usb sticks, its anything usb; my camera, mp3 player, etc. goes 'do-do' like something plugged in, but no new drives appear in explorer at all. Actually, my mouse is still working, but it probably uses a different driver. I can manually assign a drive letter and get access, but I am seriously looking to get the usual kind of access back.
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    Similar problem, except it doesn't load mine at all. Device Mangler just shows it as a partially installed device (driver failed to load).

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    I have this exact same damn problem.....crap, I hope someone finds a fix.

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    Yes i have the same problem. And its pretty annoying because i have tried almost all means of fixing it to no avail.

    Would uninstalling and reinstalling SP2 work? Would uninstalling SP2 cause any problems with the system and programs?

    Now i cant use any of my thumb drives, my ipod will not update/connect to itunes and i cant use my camera. This is bad man... it needs to be rectified please!

    Someone said something about the MountedDevices registry key being locked out/blocked. Maybe the solution is there?

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    I messed around in the registry a bit but didn't see any changes that would cause this =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by pyromance
    Would uninstalling and reinstalling SP2 work?
    You can try reinstalling SP2 (without uninstalling).

    Do you see any weird event log messages? Try uploading your setupapi.log file so other people can inspect it for you.
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    Same here

    My Vosonic XDrive USB doesn't appear anymore.
    I can see it in Device Manager, I can assign it a letter but it never appears in explorer.

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