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Thread: Using a SDv2.80.010 backup with Deamon Tools

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    Default Using a SDv2.80.010 backup with Deamon Tools

    I have a copy of my Sims Unleashed made with CloneCD, I made it a long time ago so I didn't take any care about safedisk, I made just a regular copy.
    The others expansion packs usted to work fine with DeamonTools but when I tryed to use my backup of Unleashed it didn't work with Deamon Tool's emulator. There is any way to make it work without having to burn it again? (I lost my original cd so I can't use the original again). If I have to burn it again I can use my backup cd??

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    You can try enabling safedisc emulation and running the game. If it works, leave safedisc enabled and make a new image. This new image should be able to work without safedisc emulation.


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