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Thread: No cd error

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    Default recreate the image

    Try recreating the image file with the most recent version of Alcohol 120% using the safedisc profile, ignore read errors checked, and Data Position Measurement turned off.
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    No go, i have ripped diablo 2 and starcraft without problems, i will state everything i know for one last shot at this, if it doesn't work... i'm not too upset.

    Worms 2
    No CD or directory protection
    audio cd with data (cuz if u put it in a cd player it plays the soundtracks)
    the error claims that it cant find audio

    if anyone knows of a solution PLEASE help... I BEG OF YOU!

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    For old games the lowest drive letter may need to be assigned. Another thing, I read something about analog emulation being removed in DT4.

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    The analog thing is only for sound, which is no longer used in Windows XP.
    I think the problem is with the drive letter, as JoelEllison stated. You can swap drive letters in Windows XP Disk Management to fix this, making Daemon Tools your first CD/DVD drive.
    Only change drive letters for CD/DVD drives, not for your harddisk(s).
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