The usual script I use in a bat file to run DT4 games is the standard one I got here. Mount the image, run the game with the wait option, and then unmount the game when it end.

KK executes CheckApplication.exe which terminates right before it executes KingKong9.exe which is the main program.
Since CheckApplication ends, the script proceeds to unmount the image before the game even runs.

I tried to run just KingKong9.exe but I get an error message saying that a big file is needed as the first argument.

There is a .bf file so I tried using that file as the first argument on the KingKong9.exe command line. I semed to have gotten farther but all I get is a black screen.

Anyone know how to get a script going for KK that will do everything I want. As it stands now I have to comment out the unmounting part of the script and do it manually after the game ends. I would like to find a way to do it all as in my other games.