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Thread: Can't post replys/edit posts

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    A stupid question. But how do you post new threds in the forum, I've look everywhere but can't find it. Someone please help. Explain step to step so imposible not to find it.

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    Go into the forum where you want to open a new thread and press the "New Thread" Button at the bottom of the shown threads.

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    well i agree with the 10 post limit instead of 20. (as i am also under this restriction i need help but cannot recive it in a timly fashion) well seeing how you wont read this until tomorrow or somthing you now have my oppinion also. nice forum btw..

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    Well, I made a new post and relpied to a theread. But can't see anything in the forums??

    Ahh... there they are... just took a couple of minutes..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timetraveler
    Ohhh ... f*ck
    I dit not read the warning after posting so i submited one threat 4 or 5 times. Sorry for this!
    Ehm, me too...

    I apologise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tassadar
    Ehm, me too...

    I apologise!
    Ehem, me three... Sorry.

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