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Thread: Starforce Game 64bits

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    HI! I would like to knkow if somebody have managed to play at starforce games like SCCT, gtr or toca and how? thanks

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    As already mentioned several times on these forums, x64 is fully supported by StarForce version 3.5 and upwards. Any modern StarForce protected game works perfectly well in x64. So the likes of Sniper Elite, King Kong, Prince of Persia T2T and X3, all StarForce games, work fine in x64. As to how to get them to work, I am in the fortunate minority group that can run every single protection type (SecuROM 7x, StarForce 3x, SafeDisc 4x) merely by mounting the image in Daemon Tools. No unplugging, no 3rd party software. Just mount and play!

    Older games however coded to hook into 32-bit StarForce drivers, such as SC:CS fail to work, because the game publisher has not updated their game via a patch update to support the new 64-bit StarForce drivers in x64.

    The only way these would work is if a) the game does get updated by the developer or b) some clever individual bypasses the games copy protection. Both seem unlikely in the case of SC:CS, as it has been out for so long now.
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