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Thread: Virtual CD/DVD Writer Software?

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    Default Virtual CD/DVD Writer Software?

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone knows of any virtual DVD-R/CDR software. From the forums I gather that daemon-tools will not support this functionality.

    What I am looking for is the ability to burn an ISO image from Nero or similar software without requiring a CD/DVD Writer on the machine.

    I have not been able to find any software like daemon tools that also supports writing - does any such software exist?



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    Nero supports creating iso's. Click the select burner icon, and change it to image writer.

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    Nero was a bad example, I did know that Nero could produce ISO images.

    What I was trying to do was create a S-VCD from Pinnacle Drive copy - this program creates PDI images which at present nothing seems to read.

    What I thought was I could burn the image to a virtual CD writer so I could read it from another program - what has just dawned on me is that if daemon tools supported pdi ISOs I wouldn't have any need for a virtual CD writer.

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    I doubt this format will be supported. It is just a container format for the virtual drive, and is propiertary.

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    You can convert your PDI images to ISO following the following post:

    I do not know if the conversion is a complete one with the headers/subchannel data/etc but its worth a shot.

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    There are a lot more programs which require a CD/DVD writer present to create any results, they are not able to create image files but insist in writing to a device instead. Another example is WaveLab 4: It can create an Audio CD using a wave covering the whole capacity of a CD and allows to insert cue points (the only real way an Audio CD shall be produced - there is no risk of glitches between tracks using this technology). WaveLab creates a final wave file, a marker file and a CD project; or it burns onto a CD via VOB-ASAPI. But it is not able to create an image file.

    I know people who have one PC with special software, and another PC with a burner; it would be easy to have their favourite program create an image file which could be transferred to the burning PC e.g. via network. But this would require a virtual CD burning device which is able to "burn" the data into an image file.

    Please don't answer with "You don't need that for WaveLab, there is a converter..." - then I'd have to collect a list like "For this program I can use this converter, for that program I can use that converter, and for another program I can use another converter...". - Instead, I could just use a generic "Virtual CD/DVD burner", and all the tools which need to burn, can burn into an image file. It could be that simple.

    At least for the user... indeed I wonder how hard it would be for a programmer, to create a virtual burning drive: Would it be suitable to just support a generic set of MMC commands, or may it be better to emulate a specific model of burner to the edge, to ensure best compatibility?

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    Default Found similar one, I think

    After hours of looking for virtual CD burners I found lots of freeware RAM disk software and other virtual disks including a virtual floppy disk (works) and at the end of the long journey through the internet my eyes were looking at this page:

    Among other things it is a virtual cd burner (or thats what it says in the page.)

    NOT FREE though.

    I hate to burn audio cds from iTunes and rip them to get mp3s out of the music I just bought :?

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    As far as I understand, it is a driver which enables Mount Rainier packet writing access to a real CD-RW via simply writing a file to the drive letter. But it only writes to physical disks, not to an image file.

    Sorry, that's not what I was looking for...


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