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Thread: x64 support

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    Long time viewer, first timer poster. I don't really have a suggestion just a question. Is there an expected release date for x64 support, was really looking forward to it.

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    Can't people please start open their eyes! There are hundreds of threads like this.
    It will hopefully get released this week.

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    Sorry methadon, we're just frustrated given that we've waited for months for this, been told in official announcements "Daemon Tools v4 will support Windows XP x64.", and then with no prior warning it is dropped from the official release with nothing but a vague x64 will follow (which may as well be x64 will be supported within the next 10 years).

    Most people add to threads to make sure that the developers realise that it's a wanted feature - if only one person posted in only one thread, it could possibly get shrugged off. When as far as I was aware, x64 was the most hyped thing about v4. If you dig through the buggy search feature enough, and browse enough forums, you can find that the ETA is hopefully within a week.

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    Same, here, Long viewer, first timer poster. I was really looking forward for x64 support, i realy hope it will release shortly.

    Here's my situation : I have need for speed most wanted in 4 mds images. Since d tools ACTUALY dont support x64 based systems, i had to get another program. I tryed PhantomDVD, i installed the game, but when i try to run the game, it says : ''coud not locate the cd rom''. The ting is, we ( ppl with x64 systems ) have no program to emulate copy protections! A crack for NFSMW is out, but it sucks, it only remouve the blacklist from the .exe.To find another program to mount images to a virtual drives under x64 isn't a big deal, emulate copy protection is :wink:

    You guys rocks! When x64 version will be out, ill buy a lisence for sure!

    Sry for my english, im from montreal ( Canada, quebec )


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    Daemon tools v4 x64 came out a while ago but my computer was down but im downloading right now!


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