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Thread: how disable the cd on a portable computer ? (pop ttt)

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    hi all,

    excuse me but I don't speak quite English because it is not my language...

    how can I play at "prince of persia the two thrown" on my portable computer using an image-Cd ?

    I can't unplug the ide chanel, so I used starforce nightmare: but it don't work when i clic on disable cd & disable node
    i used daemons tool 4 to mount the game.

    could somebody help me please ?
    thaks !

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    Starforce nightmares's disabling cd, node doesn't work anymore for new Starforce protected games (works until SF 3.4).
    The only way, except the user with a NForce 3/4 board or a RAID-Controller, is to unplug your ide drives (dvd-rom, dvd-burner....).

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    Default pointing to thread disabling IDE on laptop

    There's a whole thread on laptop's here (You could have used the search function).
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