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Thread: Hi Im a Noob, and I have problems

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    Default Hi Im a Noob, and I have problems

    ok So i recently gotmvp basbeall 2003, and well it fell on floor and really got scartched up, since it was a gift from relatives who dont live near me I couldnt get reciet for teh game form them

    SO i got the game, When i downlaoded it form a friend, I downlaoded archives 1 for cd 1 and 2 for cd 2

    Well Since I dont have a Rewritable cd rom, I thought i'd use daemon tools. I thought i wouldnt be able to start, so anywayz i unziped those 2 archives into 2 separate places, Then I think i mounted cue, or bin file and installed the game half way. Then it pop ups and asks me to insert 2nd cd rom... and I am clueless onw hat to do now,,, please help

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