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Thread: SR7.Stop

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    I would rather have some ini file than another tool storing stuff in the registry.... or if you are willing to keep the tool updated for all time it would be possible instead to create an internal list of such drivers that the tool would check against when starting and ignore a driver if found in it.

    @Kukubau: not that LoB needs defending, but he is right, when talking about dtools inner workings better to keep that off the board (in this case asking about the drivers name), after all we want to enjoy DT4 for as long as possible!

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    @kukubau: Your assumptions are wrong. And it is NOT
    a democratic board here. You are entitled to use it - and you
    can even tell me I'm an asshole. This is your opinion and I
    respect that (unlike most others boards).

    But when it come to technical details, we try to get in contact
    with other developers. So we can better coordinate the work
    together, even HELP them with documentations etc etc.
    That's why we DON'T want to discuss it HERE. We are also
    searching for new talents for hiring. ATM, we searched for
    good new guys to increase our forces.
    All this is for sure not
    part of YOUR interest - and even if it is so, I don't want it
    to be discussed here. Apart from that, you can discuss here
    nearly everything. Or if you think you can increase our forces,
    write us an email to:

    Only in this specific thread here! you are right, as Haandis
    app is not directly involved here with advanced technologies.
    On the other hand, we get much work in the past because
    of such tools that wrecked the installation - of course I see
    the good will here from 3rd party developers. But if you check
    the "Common Problems and Solutions" forum or the "Daemon
    Tools Bug Report", you will find out soon, that we even
    stopped to answer questions about such tools when the
    development of such tools does not work with us together.
    We can't "control" the development of such methods and
    therefore we don't feel responsible for such applications.
    This is our good right. In the past we even warned
    people to use it. Maybe you're experienced enough to fix
    your system afterwards. On the other hand there are
    thousands! of request only in MY inbox that must people
    explain how to reinstall DaemonTools. And call me stupid, but
    I think this is not the way it meaned to be.

    What concerns your "censorship": Run a board of such dimensions
    on your own and we will discuss about censorship again.
    But as you can see, for sure I don't fear your opinion.
    And I'm sorry to say it, too (and yes, the more I think about
    it, I don't think I'm sorry for it): What is it with some guys
    that they always try to see some "evil", "forced" or something
    else behind our intentions? That they try to initiate
    some kind of strange defending? For WHOM the heck?
    You write "... developing a useful tool and desires to educate..."

    wtf? I guess you meaned US with the
    above cite, right? Because if not, what are we in your eyes?
    The "stupid guys" from DT Team? I can't count how many
    tutorials I already wrote (amongst others in our team).

    In the past, and I can assure you here, we tried often enough
    to "educate" our users when it comes to protections, for sure
    you can't blame us that we don't want a discussion about
    technical details about DT. Its of course not your fault, but:

    You know nothing about what's going on "behind the scenes".

    Let me assure you that this board is visited by many people
    that are not fans of our software. They try to even betray
    members of our team, try to buy out our company or use
    other social-engineering methods to get better insight here.
    I think you get the point, or maybe not? However, it is in no way offensive
    to you personally, I only want to make clear my opinions
    about it. And of course remember you that this board is indeed
    no democratic place. It is a message board and nothing else,
    we don't discuss about things we do not want to discuss.

    Apart from that, your post is not censored. And
    it is STILL there. Think about it. It would only be nice
    to get back some respect here - and not something like this:

    "So your request seems out of place and a bit forced"
    or "I thought that this board was a place that helped others to expand their horizons, but it seems that I was wrong"

    and especially:
    "I hope this post won't get deleted, but if so, censorship seems to be law&order over here, and I rest my case"

    the last one is something that can be called more or less
    suggestive - and I dislike it. And your post is still here.
    Could that mean something? You don't have to like me,
    you don't even have to like DT -> but what is discussed here
    and what not is our decision. That doesn't mean that we
    censor your opinion (only if you violate the board-rules).
    So I would say, yes, this board is much more democratic then
    most of the others I visit regularly.

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    @darkG: You got it! Exactly that and to get in contact with
    that developers was our intention, especially as "AntiBlacks"
    caused much trouble in the past.

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    Hello Locutus!

    I can see and understand your anger. You're right, I don't know what is going on behind the scene and can not comprehend what you personally and your colleagues are dealing with, everyday. I can not have but good words and respect for your work and effort. First of all my post wasn't in any way a sign of dis-consideration toward you and DT or an undermining of your work. It was just a personal opinion regarding the words you posted. So keep the spirit up, and don't let those who try to harm DT and its team.
    Last edited by kukubau : 07.01.2006 at 00:33
    So, mother goose has been messin' around in your egg salad, huh kid?

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    I'm not angry - don't get me wrong. In no case I'm angry because
    it is not your fault that you do not know what is it "behind
    the secenes". And I think everyone knows that we're working
    hard. Especially as our DT is the base for the 3rd-party authors,
    I don't believe that someone respect them and not us it is
    same as if someone respect f.e. a mod-developer but not the
    team that made the game the mod runs on

    It was only that I want to make myself clear. Most of the time
    I'm polite and that seems to "invite" others here to do exactly
    what I was going to ask to stop. People that tend to think they
    can do here orders or decide how this forum should be leaded.
    (And no - I do NOT mean you!! You did not disobey, but
    your post could led some guys to think "yes. he's right, so let
    the technical discussion start). As you mentioned the
    "democratic" part, I feared that some people see exactly
    that as an invitation to now start a loooong discussion
    or even disobey that order. To make myself clear and
    be not misunderstood, I used this clear (and I admit a
    little bit too harsh) words. But it was necessary. I hope
    you understand it and get it as what it was meaned.
    A "stop it - we don't want it". Apart from that, I'm happy
    to join with you every other discussion and I hope you like
    your stay here!

    PS: on german forum, we have the exact same discussion,
    but some steps further with requests for hook-entries and
    such stuff - and they get the more or less same answer.
    So you see - it is a general guideline.

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    Hi Haandi,

    How is work on the new version going? Contacted the DT team for the possibility of making this a plugin?

    To every one else, sorry, i tried to PM him but i apparently don't have the sufficient rights to do so!

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    Default ...

    Users must have 20 posts to send PMs
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    I wasn't complaining, just saying how it was before someone suggested i should have put that in a PM.
    And thanks for the info!
    Regard this post as working towards my 20 posts milestone!

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    Lächeln hi

    Hi.SR7.Stop work only on Alcohol 120%
    Im a bulgarian and i don't kwon very good English
    So sorri

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    SR7Stop is working for DT 3.47-4.x.
    If you use DT 3.47 you've to use SR7Stop 1.0 or 1.1.
    Only SR7Stop 1.2 supports DT 4.
    You can download them here:

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