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    I'll open a new thread for that to post changes and some recent versions of SR7.Stop due to the helpful community.
    Feel free to test, report bugs and give suggestions.
    (Since the most releases are beta, use them cautiously)
    The most recent Pr0t.St0p version is 1.0 which can be found here:
    Unfortunately I've got no system on which the Run-time error '5' appears, so the ones who get that error, you have to contact me per ICQ. Search for the nick "HAANDI", I'm the one with a gmx mail account.

    Since it supports Safedisc, the project is renamed to Pr0t.St0p. I think it's a nice name, so its like the old one with some numbers, you know...

    I took some time and wrore an test app. Thre are several separate tests which should show you/me where the errors occure. Report me if a test caused errors, maybe then I can fix something.


    Pr0t.St0p v1.0 (31 Dec 2005)
    -> Just try it with Stubbs The Zombie
    -> Or Serious Sam 2 *the recent patch*

    1.2 beta 3 (29 Dec 2005)
    + Added support for Safedisc 4.6
    # Improved registry handling
    # Fixed small bugs in the registry module
    # Fixed hiding non cd-rom drives

    1.2 beta 2 (09 Dec 2005)
    + Added Invisibility (Securom doesn't detect the app when it runs)
    # Fixed infinite loop by reading a hidden key

    1.2 beta 1 (05 Dec 2005)
    + Added support for DT 4
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