Okay so, heres my story:
I installed DT4 and played/installed a few games, but then whenever i booted up my virtual drive booted with this image file i had previously mounted on it awhile back, so that was a little annoying so i decided to unistall DT4 and what happened was that my real disk drive was gone (D:\), with the virtual drive still there (E:\), still mounted with the old image file.
I did a bunch of stuff....it's all kind of murky since it happened like a whole hour or two ago...i followed some instructions from this site and now i have no disk drives, and i can't reformat (but that might be because my disk is scratched). I've already read the topic in the Common Problems and Solutions and that hasn't fixed anything. I realize that i haven't really given much information on the technological situation i'm in (i.e. what registries i edited [i've restored all the changes i've made though], what drivers from C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\ i might have delted) because at this point im not really caring to much, just throwing my general problem into the wind and seeing if anyone knows of anything that would solve my little (big) predicament, pickle, conundrum, dilemma.

P.S. Yeah i tried system restore too, didn't work