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Thread: using a cue file with daemon tools

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    Default using a cue file with daemon tools

    this is my first post so i hope it is ok.

    before a full format of my system i used daemon religiously and have installed following my erase.
    i prefer my music in mp3 format (album as one track, and use an index cue file to seperate individual tracks). i would then load my mp3 file using daemon and the cue file - it worked fine (as if a burned cd had been inserted into my computer)

    now i get an error saying
    'unable to mount image, cue sheet line 3 unaccesible'

    CUE SHEET LINE 3 says:
    FILE "Robbie Williams - Escapology - - Escapology.mp3" WAVE

    Is there a add-on i need again, or what is my problem?

    Any help would be appreciated as I am tearing my hair out trying to sort this out.

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    I think maybe you have the filename wrong on the mp3... that is essentially what that error means....
    Check that first...

    Also I remember some of my older utils would have trouble using mp3's with the WAV declaration... make a copy of your cuesheet, and try changing it to
     FILE "Robbie Williams - Escapology -  - Escapology.mp3" MP3
    Either that or try using your original WAVE file and changing your cuesheet to
     FILE "Robbie Williams - Escapology -  - Escapology.wav" WAVE


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