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    Default New Question about PoP TTT

    Alright, I've read through all the PoP and related posts on this forum and others and I think I have a relatively unique problem. I have disabled all of my ide drives (unless floppy counts as an IDE, if so let me know...). The only drive showing under my computer is my harddisk, and the emulated DT4 drive. Now to my problem... when I mount the image under DT4 and hit play game, it gets 1/3rd of the way through the "checking for disk" bar and then my computer completely reboots. Anyone have ANY idea why this could be happening? Perhaps I unplugged the IDE cable incorrectly? (I think I unplugged it from both the cd/dvd drive and the motherboard...) Any help would be greatly appreciated.. =) thanks!

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    I don't know exactly what kind of problem this is.
    But if you've unplugged your drives and it don't work, then try installing DT 3.47 or Alcohol 120% and use SFCure+unplugging the drives. I also have this problem but only with SCCT other games are working.

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    Rebooting during CD/DVD check is a known problem with nForce-motherboards (probably among others) and Daemon Tools v4 which is currently being worked on.
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    This Problem with rebooting should be fixed in the next version right Netsoerfer !?
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    It should, yes. (As I said, it's currently being worked on...)
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    I have exactly the same problem: my computer reboots during the "checking for disk". I've tried to make it work with DT 3.47 and SFCure and unplugging the drives but it doesn't work. When will the next version of DT4 come approximately? And does anyone succeeded in playing PoP TTT without DT4?


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