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Thread: Double Click mount problem

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    Default Double Click mount problem

    With DT 3.47 I could double click on an image file and it would automatically mount it to the virtual drive. Under DT 4 it doesnt work. I get the GUI everytime I double click an image file. Am I missing something?

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    Daemon Tools didn't support double-click mounting, seems you had some 3rd party add-on installed - you've to wait for v4 compatible version then.
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    Im also having a problem when I try to mount an image through the right click menu. I get the mount image context, I select it, I get a dameon GUI but the button to mount image is grayed out.
    Any ideas?

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    jethro32.... daemon tools has no gui or right click menu... only the tray icon has a right click menu....
    you have installed an addon to add shell extensions for mounting... wait until its updated, or install fast-mount from the 3rd party addons section....

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    Default i can make the double_click mount image

    set the ISO open with
    "X:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -Mount 0,"%1"
    in the folder-option
    "X:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" is path where the daemon installed.
    "0" is the first virtual CD driver


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