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Thread: How to create a Mini ISO/Image ?

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    Default How to create a Mini ISO/Image ?

    Hi everyone,

    on ****** I found these so called "Mini ISOs" or "Mini Images"... I tried one for Painkiller and it's working great. The image file has a filesize of 480 KILObytes. No need for additional no-cd patches, you can apply any new patch to the game without the trouble of installing/waiting for a new no-cd patch and so on... I think you know what I'm talking about

    Now my question: Can I create such Mini Images myself? Of course I own the original CDs.

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    Yes, you can, but you need Alchohol 120% and the original CD. I think that there is on ****** a tutorial for it(I saw it there some time ago) so you can search there forums for it.
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    Keep the discussion legal. And don't even hint at the fact that you might be doing something illegal. And don't ever! mention other websites here that are illegal.

    I don't consider mini images illegal, so I won't delete this thread. Keep the discussion to creating those images yourself and as far as I'm concerned we're all good.

    But, apparently it cannot be stressed enough, don't talk about any illegal activities or you'll get the thread deleted and yourself banned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rendariaka
    Yes, you can, but you need Alchohol 120% and the original CD.
    Ok, I have both But how to proceed?

    I even considered buying a third harddrive because I have so many gigs of CD Images... So Mini Images would save me some euros

    //edit: I didn't know that the sitename I posted is illegal. Sorry for that.

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    K, sorry mod


    Got this off of google:

    very simple. you use Alcohol 120% to do it. first open it. make sure the game you want to make a mini back-up is in the drive. then, click image making wizard. make the data type safedisc 2/3. save it ne where u want. after that start it and as quick as you can click cancel and say yes u want to cancel. but then say NO to the second question (do wish to delete it?). After that u should have a small mini back-up of ur cd. btw i try to always make my cds get to 2% before i click cancel.
    btw, this only works for some Safedisc games.

    The second option, which works for some Safedisc AND Starforce games is:

    Heres what you do, this has only proven to work with Starforce protected games and some safedisc. To make a mini-image you need to make a image read in Alcohol 120% using the Safedisc 2/3 profile, then save the original mds. (this is critical) Take the mdf and load it in UltraISO or isobuster and delete all the data off it as this is necessary to pass the safedisc check. If you have the latest UltraISO you can save the new image as a mdf, if not save a cue/bin file, trash the cue and rename the bin to mdf to preserve the readings. The resulting file will be tiny (eg 600kb, Mount it in your VD.
    Now enjoy.
    Failure is the mother of success.

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    Default Never tried it

    Never tried to make a mini image, but I would say the second way described by the above poster seems reasonable. I'm totally guessing here, but I would assume most copy protections store/read data from the physical structure data of the image and/or small files in the root dir of the disc. Therefore it seems reasonable that you should be able to delete most of the install .cabs or whatever, and still mount the image, and run your games.

    I am really starting to like this idea. My problem is whatever games I have loaded, I always have to dig around a drawer full of recent discs when asked. Or have a large image on my drive and mount with DT of course. This way though, I would be able to make mini images of all my game discs, when I finish installing, put my disc away, and mount the mini image which isnt taking up 700-4700MB!!

    Even if all my mini images took up 200MB they could always stay on my HD!

    I feel a project coming on!
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    This isnt working for SecureRom7, i tried to create mini image for Total overdose and MotoGP 3 and the result was negative , you need the image to be full size to enter the game!
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    Mini Images don't work for Securom but for Safedisc and Starforce (but not every version, at old versions it works)

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    Default Not true!

    Quote Originally Posted by AnalCobra
    Mini Images don't work for Securom but for Safedisc and Starforce (but not every version, at old versions it works)
    Sorry, but that statement isn't true. I just ran The Matrix - Path of Neo from a mini image I made. It is securom 7.

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    Default ...

    securom mini-images-- Glad it can be done!

    How many megs did you get it down to?

    edit: seems 'maxi-images' is the topic :-(
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