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Thread: Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory Using USB Drives & Using DT4

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    Beitrag Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory Using USB Drives & Using DT4

    Most of them have said that Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Works on external USB Drive. My Question is
    1. Do External Drive Means USB 2.0 CD/DVD Drive Or IDE To USB .

    2 Which files do i have to put into external usb drive .mdf or.mds or both.

    3 can i use it using pen drive if it is .mds file

    4 I have a DT4 can it emulate the image of scct well.

    5.Do I need Starforce Nightmare OR Unplug IDE Controller
    can u give me detail information on how to play scct using usb drives or any other process in steps.

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    I am not a expert, but I can tell you:

    2-3: If you want to use the image, you have to use the .mds file to access to the .mdf file, so they useless without each other.

    4: If you don't have any IDE optical drive, you can emulate without problem. If you have IDE controller, I think you can read about this in an another post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven
    I can confirm tha this metod works. I have two sata disks and on mb I have tvo optical drives (2xpioneer dvr100d) and all i have to do is go to controll panel and disable controller with optical drives and ALL games work great.

    Like this. Anyway
    1: I think the right way is the USB 2.0 driver (I read it somewhere) but probably it is expensive.

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    There are external cases where you can put your drives in, these cases contain a IDE to USB/Firewire adapter. And there are only IDE to USB adapter without a case and these are cheaper.
    If you put your drive in a case like this or if you connect your drive with a IDE to USB adapter you can easy plug out the usb plug the drive and then it's like you've unplugged your drives normally. Then you can mount the images with DTv4 an play.
    Another way is to burn the image (DPM required) and put the burned CD/DVD into a external USB Drive, then you can play some SF Games, too. But i don't know if the second method works all the time.


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