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Thread: Guide to using extra programs/addons/tools/registry hacks with the latest games

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    I just started asr.exe v1.2 (downloaded from the daemon tools download section) and chose the Titan Quest.exe o_O

    or a shortcut with the parameter -r <GameExePath> and in the "Start in:" Box I wrote <GamePath> (Otherwise it won't start correctly!).

    The only problem I've got so far is that the game randomly crashes without a word, sending me back to desktop (I experienced, though, that most of the time the music stops playing for a while before this happens, but that may be just coincidence)
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    alle IDE Laufwerke im Windows Ger&#228;temanager deaktivieren!!! Ihr braucht mindestens ein SCSI Laufwerk am SCSI Controller! bei einem image mit guter *.mds l&#228;sst sich Titan Quest Starten ohne jeglichen zusatz von Hide-Programmen!!! also kein ASR 1.2 oder sonst was verwenden!!! PS: ich rede von version 1.11 und das game st&#252;rzt bei der Methode nicht ab!
    all IDE of drive assemblies in the Windows equipment manager deactivates!!! You need at least a SCSI drive assembly at the SCSI CONTROLLER! with an image with better *.mds Titan Quest starting without any additive of Hide programs leaves itself!!! thus no ASR 1,2 or otherwise which use!!! PS: I talk about version 1.11 and the game does not fall or crash with the method!

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    @Wickermoon: rename the "asr.exe" into somethin else e.g. "explorer.exe". Dont start asr from within the game directory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasp1331
    for me the iSCSI method only works, if i burn the image on a dvd with special mediacode, and mount the actual dvd on the other PC. with DT it does not work this way (at least with .b6t image).
    same with me
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    iSCSI + VMware method (as described by xKVtor) works for me. I tested it with FlatOut 2 (European version).

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    Reden FlatOut2

    1-Burn with Blindwrite 6.0, make sure to use discs with mediacode Philips041,TDK601saku
    2- Install.
    3- USB 2.0 to IDE 2.5"/3.5"/5.25" Hard Drive Adapter Cable (bay in eBay LINK and make sure Blindwrite 6.0 is
    installed on the system you want to use to play.

    Video file LINK tested on FlatOut2 (DVD,Buka).

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    thanks xKVtor, this method works great! i wasnt able to get work the ms loopback adapter, so i simply used my machine's networked card, and it was also good.

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    Don't critisize me if I'm wrong but - the only method against mini-images introduced in Starforce 4 is to read some random sectors from the drive and check the output. Mini-images don't have these sectors and report erros or blank sectors or whatever.
    But isn't here something really impossible to do? When SF4 really would check random sectors thouse could contain gamespecific files so SF4 has got to know every sector of the CD/DVD - then the installed game would become twice as big, wont it?
    When I think of solutions for that problem there are several possibilities:
    1. SF4 saves special information of every sectr to check (maybe EDC or the first bytes) - then a new mini-image format shuld be introduced - with that information.
    2. SF4 checks non game specific sectors - like that sectors only filled with {0x41,0x41,0x41...} or {0x00,0x00,0x00...} or whatever - those would require some information for miniimages as well and it could be loaded in memory.

    I think you (the DTools crew) have got tools to analyse this process and find a solution, dont you?

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    @HAANDI Maybe the MDS format could be extended to include metadata on these sections of the disc- detailing 'fake sector ranges' instead of 'blank sector ranges'. That way mini-image can still contain only zeros.
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    hi there,

    just tried the iscsi method for flatout 2 but it doesnt work for me. i have created full image of flatout 2 german with blindwrite 6 (auto, mds+iso), mounted this image over ms initiator + alcohol on 2nd pc. local pc has deamon tools installed but device disabled in device manager. all local optical drives disconnected from ide bus. flatout 2 always reminds me to "use the original disc".

    what could be wrong here? could the image be corrupted? must the image be created with a special option or

    in a special way with a special tool? would be happy for a hint/tip/solution


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