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Thread: Guide to using extra programs/addons/tools/registry hacks with the latest games

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    Are you using a Blindwrite image? Try recreating the image with Alcohol 120% (DPM is needed).

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    Use original disc means your image isn't good enough. I would try AC's suggestion and remake the image with Alcohol to test. Or if you still want to use BW, try a slower/faster read-speed.

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    yep, creating image with alcohol and dpm works fine.

    THX for your help guys

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    Hi guys, my first post here. I am actually only registered so I could post a little guide for using the awesome daemonscript with daemontools and SD4Hide.
    Anyway i have FM2007 and wanted to find an automated way to get SD4Hide to run automatically as soon as I click an exe. Well here is how to do it:
    Open Daemonscript
    Choose mount, and browse to your image
    click runapp
    browse to the SD4hide exe
    type in the path to sd4hide
    click delay and type 5000ms ( need the time to click the sd4 exe when it pops up )
    Click runapp again and browse to the game exe
    type the path in
    click delay and choose 5000ms
    click unmount
    You can then create a shortcut on your desktop, it will run daemonscript, pop up the SD4hide and you click hide. The game exe will then run and automatically unmount. Once you exit out of the game SD4hide is still there to remind you to restore!

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