When burn the image on a dvd with special mediacode you are only repeat physical structure of the original dvd-rw (master disc). When publisher creat protected dvd for the game, he will write game on the dvd-rw. If you found mediacode of this dvd-rw, you can creat "ideal" physical copy of master disc without RPMS emulation. No need for this any emulators.
About Blindwrite 6.0 - its fully bullshit. This program cannot create copy of disk this starforce.
No really new in starforce in this moment (in emulation). Its only one new thing: they check for the emulators BEFORE physical check of disk. And in early version of starforce no any message about "emulators detected". Now starforce 4.0 display this message to prevent any reference to starforce support such as "my disc not identified, pls help".