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Thread: Problem with creating virtual-drives

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    Default Problem with creating virtual-drives

    At first hi to the community,

    i have the following problem:

    when i want to create a virtual drive with daemon tools v4.00
    there doesnt appear any drive in my explorer
    but i can mount images - they dont work anyway but the programm doesnt make any problems when i want to mount

    before i got version 4.00 i had an older version installed and it worked to mount images but i require the version 4.00 because of the emulations..

    i already checked if there are other softwares installed making problems with the dtools and uninstalled all firewall and scanner tools.. so there shouldnt be any problems

    does any1 know why i cant create drives with the daemon tools?
    it just doesnt work..

    thx for your help


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    Frage Same problem...

    I have experienced a similar instance of the aforementioned problem.

    I used to have v.3.47 and it worked great....

    I un-installed v.3.47 adn then re-installed v.4.00 (not the 64bit version as I have a 64bit CPU but not 64bit Windows).

    After rebooting my PC as requested/prompted, and enabling all options from D-Tools v.4.00 from the taskbar, although I can emulate any number of drives, none of them have any drive letters assigned, nor can I see any of them in the Windows Explorer windows, nor do any of the mounted images run/work or autostart (as per selected D-Tools option).

    Any help/suggestions?

    Many thanks,

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    I have exactly the same problem.
    I used to have Daemon Tools 3.47, and there was no problem at all, but now after installing 4.00, whenever I create a virtual drive, there is no letter assigned to it, therefore.... nothing happens.

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    Check related thread in common problems and solutions forum - that's what it was made for.
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