I'm sorry if its been brought up before, i did a couple of searches and could not find what i was after. The game i am trying to run is NBA Live 06, The first time i run the game with the mini-image mounted it works perfectly, the second time i try to run the game however it will not work, and generates an Error Report and returns to the desktop shortly after it tries to detect the CD. The only way to get it back working is if i restart the whole computer.

If i unmount the mini-image and insert the original CD (yes i actually do own the original ) the game works fine whenever i want it to.

If i go back to daemon tools 3.47 the game works perfectly and loads fine, however not all of my other games will work in 3.47, any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

My System
Intel P4 2.4ghz with an Intel 845PE Chipset
Windows 2000 SP4 + All Updates
Daemon Tools v4
And i have never run easy cd creator.