I installed Daemon Tools 4.0 when it was first released replacing Alcohol 100% which I used till then. The reason was that it was the only prog which could mount and play an image of NFS Most Wanted.
After using DT for a few days I notised a strange system freeze. I could mount an image and play the game without any problems, no errors, no crashes etc. Everything was going ok. I exit the game, it doesn't matter which one, and anything looks normal, I could continue my daily routine normaly.
My computer stays 24h a day on as it is used also for my dsl connection, I just close the monitor. I leave the computer on and go to work or go to sleep and then after 6-12h I come back to use it.
When I power on the monitor again everything looks ok, μtorrent is downloading etc. With the first mouse click everything freezes. My network connection hangs, explorer freezes and I must reboot to fix the problem.
To sum up, my system freezes 6-12h after every time I use DT to play a game. The freeze happens when I try to do something, I never find the computer frozen. I know that DT is partly/mainly responsible for the problem because I never had this issue with alcohol.
It looks like to me that it is a memory corruption/leak issue that in the duration of some hours makes the pc to loose resourses and freeze. I can't think some other explanation, and I can't check the memory usage etc. prior to the crash because it is completely random when it will crash.
I have an nforce3 MB and I m using the MS ide drivers, not the nvidia ones.
Any suggestions?