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Thread: Weird Problem

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    Unglücklich Weird Problem

    I can install Sonic Heroes with Daemon tools but when i tried to play the game it askes for the cd and I did everything it said in the faqs but nothing worked. The only thing i couldn't do was safe disk 2 because i got a 404 page. if you know anything that might work tell me.

    Also i had restored my computer because i was having problems, it worked everything worked before i had restored but now daemon tools is acting up. i also tried alchol 120% and got the same problem

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    U wrote u install Sonic Heroes from daemontools. I dont know what protection it has but how do u creat the game image.

    I also dont under what is the connection betwewn safe disk 2 and 404 page.

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    the protection is safe disk and i was able to install the game with daemon tools but i cant run the game

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    Sonic Heroes is protected by safedisk 4 not safedisk 2. And I think you habe blind write (BWT/BWA) image file.

    Just download safedisk4 hide and install daemontools 3.47 or alcohol120%. mound the game and run SD4hide. Thats all.

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    I could hardly understand what you said no offence but i downloaded safedisc hider and did the instructions and the game still asked for the cd

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    safedisk4 hider not compatible with DT4. So uninstall DT4 and install DT 3.47.


    Disable DT4 virtual drive and install alcohol120% V 1.9.5. And play the game with alcohol's virtual drive.

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    Default problem solved

    it works thx man


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