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Thread: [SEARCH] I need a "Virtual DVD or CD Burner"!!!

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    Side question: How much data is on the bootable CD, what do you want to do with it (e.g. install an Operating System from it?), could you do it from a memory stick too? (Provided the notebook supports booting from Memory Stick)

    A friend of mine installed Windows XP on a notebook that didn't have a CD-ROM drive like this: He booted from a special, network-enabled boot floppy, mounted the CD drive that was shared in the local network on his computer and installed from there. If this is what you need to do, I could ask him to explain it in a few words here...
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    That would be great, thanks.

    Well, the CD is actually a DVD with about 3.4GB data on it, but my USB-HD has enough space on it, so that won't be the problem.

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    I told him. He'll do it and send his explanation to me, I'll post it ASAP. Could take a few days though, he's currently pretty busy with his studies...
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    Just to add a couple of thoughts for people:

    If you need to test boot cds - try vmware

    Gweilo - Inside your USB Harddrive is there an IDE interface - often that is the case with them - if so you could temporarily disconect the HDD and connect a CD drive - instant USB CDROM

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