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Thread: When will come out daemon tools 4 pro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocutusofBorg
    @VampireTC: maybe you should next time check to WHOM
    you complain - Mystique isn't part of our team, therefore
    your critic is going to the wrong direction. We never asked
    you to pay for anything to get information about DT Pro.

    We will sooner or later release much infos about DT Pro.
    If you prefer another product - well, we understand and
    respect that!! But don't blame us for statements we never
    made. Nobody ask you to pay for DT, just use some other
    emulator then
    Sorry about that but still his post was left uncommented by your team.
    And I'm as well not poiting to any other products, but rather giving my impression what is going on with DT from my point of view. I would much rather have comments on those parts.

    I do not feel just a mounting tool justifies the purchase, but on the other hand if DT Pro lives up to its promises it would be worth two times the current price. But given the huge delay with zero public progress in the area of either virtual IDE controller or IDE blocking my impression is where it is. And I don't think I'm alone.

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    Default can't think of anything more to say

    People have been registering DAEMON Tools for years. I feel it is a great product. And I can't think of anything more to say .
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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