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Thread: About Securom when making Image n playing it

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    Frage About Securom when making Image n playing it

    How do you know what DataType to pick when you make an image? Like Hitman 2 on the game database it says use SecuRom v4.83.11.0026, but what one do I pick Securom, Securom *NEW, or Securom *NEW(4.x/5.x)? And when I try to play it on Daemon Tools should I turn on Emulation Securom?

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    You can use Aray-Scanner to scan the copyprotection or have a look into a Database. Then choose the profile of Alcohol which corresponds to the protection. Alcohol has no profiles for reading a dvd image, there you've to choose it manually.
    For Securom 5/7: enable dpm, high precision and a low speed

    for safedisc 4: you can enable skip read error's but it isn't really required, when you get read errors, clean the disc

    Starforce 3:dpm option must be enabled like at Securom 7

    That means, use the Securom new 4.x/5.x profile for your Securom game.
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    thats what i was going to say


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