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Thread: Secondary Hard Drive now unavailable...

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    Default Secondary Hard Drive now unavailable...

    Rebuilt my machine, clean Windows XP SP2 build. Installed all my drivers as per normal and got the machine up and running. Went to install Daemon back onto my machine again, specifically the nice new version 4. Rebooted my machine, as directed and the install the finished. I was then able to do everything I wanted however I now couldnt see my D: drive!!!

    To put this into context:
    C (Primary 80GB)
    D (Secondary 80GB)
    E (CD)
    F (DVD)

    So as stated, once Daemon was installed I cannot now access my D: as Windows XP cant see it and thinks it needs to be formatted. Thinking that my machine had busted the 2ndary hard disk i booted into dos however was able to successfully browse the drive so I know all my data is there. I tried a system restore however I turned off the restore of data onto my 2ndard and the restore I created before installing Daemon doesnt work, even an uninstall and then reboot of Daemon hasn't fixed it

    Currently looking at yet another rebuild however was hoping that wouldnt be required. Any help greatly appreciated.


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    Check thread about problems with sptd.sys in common problems and solutions forum and report if it helps:
    Also try to run diskmgmt.msc and check if re-assignment of drive letters helps.
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