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Thread: Uninstalled Daemon Tools, Still have Virtual Drives?!

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    Ausrufezeichen Uninstalled Daemon Tools, Still have Virtual Drives?!

    O.k. so under WinXP...
    I had Daemon tools for awhile, and had i think 5 Virtual Drives running.
    Then Upgraded to the Newest Daemon Tools.
    Then noticed that the Virtual Drives created from the Old Daemon Tools were still installed. Had no option to remove them from the New Daemon Tools.
    Now I do not have Daemon Tools Installed, but the Virtual Drives still Exist.
    I want to completely Remove the virtual Drives, but I'll put it back Daemon Tools once these Virtual Drives are Gone.

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    Check thread about error 25002 to remove leftovers of previous version (v3.43 - v3.47). Reboot after the procedure.
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