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Thread: 4.0 problem

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    Default 4.0 problem

    Start install daemon400 downloaded from you site.
    Then it`s over press OK button. Reboot system.
    Windows XP loading too long, about 5 min.
    And so ? Then it loaded fully i had no daemon icon
    in tray, and also no daemon files in program files\
    That i can do to make this program works ?
    P.S. 3.47 doesn`t install after this too. 25057 Error.
    HELP ME !
    Sorry for errors, i`m russian. :wink:

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    Did you have some StarForce protected Games Installed on your system ? When yes first uninstall StarForce driver with the removal tool from there site and restart and try to install DT 4 again.
    You weak pathetic fool, it's all to easy
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