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Thread: My two cents on UIF support

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    Daumen runter My two cents on UIF support

    I was originally going to post this in an old thread but it's been closed.

    The thing is, I have 31gb of university material which has been distributed around campus in UIF format for god knows what reason. I went to mount it in Daemon Tools and what should I discover other than it's not supported!

    I jumped onto the forums expecting to find some wholly sane reason such as "we're working on it" or "there are legal problems because it's owned by MagicISO", only to find that the reason most people were giving was that it's commonly used for warez...

    Come on people, this is a program not a religion. UIF should be supported because it's a CD image and Daemon Tools is a virtual drive manager. If you really have an issue with warez then take a stand where it matters, become an activist or take it to the streets. Don't make life for everybody else difficult just because you don't feel that we should be 'encouraging piracy' by using a cd image which was designed with completely legitimate use in mind.

    Ethics and programming should only share the same table where security and stability are concerned. By Daemon Tools' reasoning, we should now confiscate all tools used by tradesmen the world over because they are dangerous and can be used as weapons.

    Get off your moral high horses and think logically.

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    Only thing that matters is Development's position - which is pretty clear ...and sane:

    If you prefer to use DAEMON Tools why not just make a Campus LAN & Conversion party
    Shouldn't take too long to convert the 31GB to ISO format.
    I'm not employed by Disc Soft and my views do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.

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    Not at all sure that UIF is so insignificant that it can be dismissed as just one of many overnight wonders.

    But... perhaps it is not so well documented that other developers are confident that they could work with it with 100% accuracy.

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